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The National Institute of Family and Life Advocates (NIFLA) is a nonprofit legal organization serving the needs of over 1,350 Pregnancy Resource Centers and Pregnancy Medical Clinics nationwide. In order to better serve the NIFLA community, the following employment opportunities at member centers are posted below.

Executive Director

Marion, IN

Crisis Pregnancy Center of Grant County is looking for an Executive Director.
Description: Full-time, salaried position, this chief executive is responsible for administration, management, fundraising, and public relations of the overall organization.
Qualifications: The successful candidate will possess:
•Appropriate undergraduate degree (or comparable experience and education in related field)
•Prior experience in supervisory management or executive decision-making
•Experience (or training) in not-for-profit management, law, policies, etc.
•Excellent critical-thinking and decision-making skills
•Willingness, and ability, to represent the organization in a variety of community settings
•Ability to work well with others on all levels
•Excellent communication, public speaking, and time-management skills
•Love for women and families. Willingness to work closely with the Board of Directors.
General Duties: The ED is responsible to carry out the strategic plan of the Board of Directors. She/He is responsible for public relations, online presence/social networking, recruitment/hiring of all paid staff, and performance assessments. The ED will assist in the recruitment, training, assessment and appreciation of volunteers. In the absence of a paid development director, the ED will oversee all fundraising initiatives, from the planning stage to assessment. Management of the overall operation, including physical plant, is within this position.

Applicants should send letter of interest and resume to Joe Chambers: jchambersjac@gmail.com

Medical Provider

Tempe, AZ

Time Commitment: 16 Hours/week
Pay: Based on experience
Starting Date: August, 2015
Immediate Supervisor: Center Director
Directly Supervises: Nurses


1. A licensed, practicing OB/GYN Physician, Nurse Practitioner, Nurse Midwife or Physician's Assistant with extensive OB GYN experience.
2. Expresses full agreement with the Center's Mission Statement, and scope of care.
3. Expresses full agreement with the practices and goals of a pro-life crisis pregnancy center.
4. Possesses excellent communication skills, both written and oral.
5. Has experience working with at risk and low-income patients.

Bilingual English & Spanish a plus

Provide medical services according to the Mission of Aid to Women Center as outlined in our scope of care. Including:
Provision of prenatal care to women up to the onset of labor.

a. Provision of individual consults for pregnant women

b. Arranging when possible for a get-acquainted delivery consultation with a full scope OB practitioner on staff at a given patient's chosen hospital for delivery. (This includes arranging with AWC staff for patient records transfer to consulting physicians and delivering hospitals.)

c. Provision of annual well woman examinations, including PAP smears and select blood studies when indicated.

d. In cooperation with clinic nurses, staff, and volunteers, provision of counseling for patients regarding sources of needed assistance e.g. other medical, dental, and social services, the AHCCCS(Arizona's Medicaid) program, post-abortion counseling, reputable adoption programs.

e. Review and sign off on all laboratory studies done on specimens collected at AWC.

f. Review and sign off on all ultrasounds done by AWC staff

g. Conduct ultrasound examinations for pregnant patients when needed.

h. Coordinate obtaining patient medical records from other health care providers and institutions when indicated or prudent.

i.Provide assistance, information, and instructions to nursing staff when needed to facilitate effective provider-patient communication

j. Assist nursing staff with patient flow on medical clinic days in whatever manner feasible, e.g. turning over consultation rooms, weighing patients, and facilitating patient urine specimen collection.

k. Accurately and legibly document in the patient's chart the salient content of each patient visit and patient phone contact made by provider.

l. Facilitate testing & treatment of AWC patients & their sexual partners, for sexually-transmitted disease.

Work with Center Director to:
1. Maintain excellent clinical practices
2. Provide resources and guidance to the clinic staff
3. Evaluate Staff RN & Volunteer RN(s)
4. Advance the Mission of the Center
5. Provide high level compassionate care for all clients

For questions, please contact Kelly at 480-966-1902.

Executive Director

Oak Ridge, TN

Choices Resource Center is seeking a full-time Executive Director to provide Christ-centered focus, direction, and vision for the mission of Choices Resource Center. Potential candidates must have a desire and commitment to educate the community about Choices Resource Center's ministry with the goal of seeking donor participation and involvement.
Primary responsibilities and expected skill set include:
* Having a passion and desire to promote the life-affirming message and mission of Choices Resource Center
* Provide spiritual direction and support for Choices Resource Center with the emphasis on prayer
* Educate and engage churches, community groups, community governing bodies,
and the professional community about Choices Resource Center's ministry with
the goal of obtaining financial support and involvement in the ministry
* Must have proven leadership experience
* Provide managerial support, direction, and supervision to all paid staff
* Maintain a cohesive and unified staff/volunteer team
* Serve as the representative of the Staff on the Board of Directors
* Implement the strategic plan and work with the Board of Directors to review the plan annually

Interested and qualified applicants may send a resume to Seth Hammond, Board Chair, via email: Seth.Hammond@gmail.com

Executive Director

Niles, MI

Qualifications should include:
1. Desire a bachelor's or master's degree, preferably in a related field. If no degree, must have related experience equivalent.
2. Have experience in an administrative position with direct experience in supervising paid staff.
3. Ability to develop and implement strategic plans and goals (in conjunction with the PCC Board).
4. Strong skills in interpersonal communication, public speaking, writing, problem solving and management of both paid staff and
5. Desire previous experience as a volunteer in a ministry.
6. Must agree with and be able to uphold the Pregnancy Care Center's Statement of Faith and Mission Statement.
9. Be a committed Christian who demonstrates a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.
10. Exhibit a strong commitment to the sanctity of human life and sexual purity.
Position Objectives:
The Executive Director has full responsibility, under the direction of the Board of Directors, for the Pregnancy Care Center. This
includes the implementation of the policies and procedures approved by the Board of Directors. The Executive Director oversees the day-to-day operation of the PCC, coordinates the training and management of all staff and volunteers, and the implementation of necessary programs. The Executive Director also provides vision and leadership for the PCC, and represents the PCC to the community.

Please send your resume to: Sherry File 57808 M 62 Cassopolis, MI 49031 Or psfile56@hotmail.com

Executive Director

Loudoun Country, VA

Mosaic-Virginia, a pregnancy care center based in Loudoun County, VA, seeks an inspiring and strategic leader with the vision and skills to take this ministry to the next level of growth in services and expansion of clients.
Our mission is focused on offering hope and help for people to make informed decisions about the sanctity of life, faith in Jesus Christ, and sexual integrity, all in a loving and confidential manner.

Please e-mail your resume and cover letter to jobs@mosaic-virginia.org. In your cover letter of 500 words or less, please address the following three questions: ? Why do you want this job? ? Why are you the best candidate for it? ? What would you do to reach our target audience of women of child-bearing age, particularly those of the Millenial generation? Full Job Description online at http://mos-va.blogspot.com/

Executive Director

St. Paul, MN

Wakota Life Care Center is seeking an Executive Director to lead the Pregnancy Help Center in West St. Paul, MN. Wakota Life Care Center is the busiest of Minnesota's TLC centers, with over 500 pregnancy tests performed last year. We dedicated to offering life-affirming choices and effective practical support.

The Executive Director's essential duties include: program administration, strategic planning, fundraising, and overseeing and recruiting staff and volunteers. Applicants must be committed to the sanctity of life, including chastity and natural family planning. In addition to holding these personal beliefs, a proven track-record supporting these principles is crucial. In addition to strong interpersonal skills, applicants must have experience managing a team and building community relationships.

Executive Director must have supervisory skills and a bachelors degree in related field or equivalent experience. Full-time preferred but part-time candidates will be considered. Salary commensurate with experience.

Please send letter of interest and resume as soon as possible to Wakota Life Care Center, Sara Tabor at taborsarae@gmail.com.

Executive Director

Salisbury, NC

Pregnancy Support Center (Salisbury, NC) seeks full-time Executive Director to provide Christ-centered leadership and oversight for achievement of the mission and financial objectives of a successful pregnancy center ministry. PSC has 5 staff members, offers 9 free services and has established vibrant ministries that include abstinence education, sexual health education, limited ultrasounds, post-abortion groups and fatherhood sessions.
Executive Director should be a mature Christian with supervisory skills and experience, while holding a bachelor's degree or equivalent experience in related area (preferably in a non-profit sector). The Executive Director will be responsible for providing operational, programmatic, and managerial support and direction to staff and volunteers. Must have proven ministry leadership experience and exhibit skills in managing others, building ministry relationships, achieving strategic and development objectives and goals, fundraising abilities, and strong public speaking and writing skills. Executive Director reports to Board and is expected to carry out duties and responsibilities with limited supervision.

Interested applicants are encouraged to apply via email execapps2015@gmail.com. In your response, please also include a Resume, a brief statement describing what attracts you to this job, your spiritual journey, and the reasons why you feel you are qualified for this position.

Executive Director

Charleston, WV

Woman's Choice Inc. is a Christian, pro-life ministry that has been serving women in the Charleston, WV area since 1977. The non-profit's caring volunteers have helped approximately 10,000 clients with various needs.

Because of the ministry's growth, Woman's Choice is seeking a full-time, salaried Executive Director. The Executive Director will be responsible for public relations, fund raising, development and management of the volunteer staff, providing adequate and appropriate services to clients, and general administrative duties.

Qualifications include: Christian faith with strong belief in the sanctity of human life, excellent interpersonal skills, and problem solving ability; agreement with core policies of the organization; management and/or administrative experience including supervision of 5-10 staff members. One year of experience in non-profit leadership is preferred with demonstrated fund raising success. The successful candidate will possess excellent skills in organization, leadership, and counseling.

Additional Preferred Skills: Possess current RN license with qualification to operate and maintain ultra-sound equipment. This position will report to the Board of Directors. A Part-Time Director may also be considered.

You may visit our website for additional information about the center www.choicesmakeyou.co

If you have questions or would like to request a job application, please email the center at WomChc4life@aol.com.

Executive Director

Knoxville, TN

Hope Resource Center is seeking a full-time Executive Director to provide Christ-centered focus, direction, and vision for the mission of Hope Resource Center. Potential candidates must have a desire and commitment to educate the community about Hope Resource Center's ministry with
the goal of seeking donor participation and involvement. HOPE has 14 medical and non-medical staff members, and is postured for growth to meet the
increased patient demands of a pregnancy center recently accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care.
Primary responsibilities and expected skill sets include:
? Maintain a cohesive and unified staff and volunteer team by providing spiritual support and direction for all personnel.
? Provide managerial support, direction, and supervision to all paid medical and nonmedical staff.
? Implement the Policies and Procedures of Hope Resource Center within the parameters of the budget.
? Ensure compliance with all medical, regulatory, and legal requirements.
? Must have proven ministry leadership experience.
? Managing others, building ministry and community relationships, achieving strategic and development objectives and goals.
? Be involved in the expansion and visibility of Hope Resource Center within the community both in outreach and fundraising efforts.
? Desire to promote the life-affirming message and mission of Hope Resource Center.
***Note: A more specific job description available upon request for interested persons.

Interested and qualified applicants may send a resume to Terrell Burkhart, Board Chair, via email only: Terrell@KnoxvilleHOPE.com.

Executive Director

Lawrenceburg, IN

The Executive Director shall, subject to the oversight of the Board of Directors, have the primary management and supervisory responsibility for all facets of the Center's operations. The major responsibilities of the position are summarized below.

The Executive Director is accountable to and under the direct supervision of the Board of Directors of the Pregnancy Care Center of Southeast Indiana

1. Christian with a consistent testimony, prayer life, and regular church involvement.
2. Demonstration of a strong and clear commitment and dedication to the sanctity of human life.
3. Agreement with the Statement of Faith, Statement of Policy, and Statement of Principle Possess skills in administration, management, and experience as a volunteer or employee in ministry or related agency
4. Demonstration of strong skills in interpersonal communication, public speaking, writing, and effective media relations.

Major Responsibilities and Duties:
1. Provide ongoing supervision and support to all paid staff and volunteers. Support shall include the development and implementation of appropriate training programs for all personnel.
2. Coordinate with treasurer, finance committee and other staff on annual budget that is presented to the Board of Directors for approval..
3. Ensure that all financial matters are handled in a manner consistent with the policies established by the Board and in the strictest of confidence.
3. Oversee the compilation of statistical reports, accurate record keeping and reporting to the Board monthly.
4. Maintain policies and procedures manual for the operation of the Center and insure that they are all carried out
5. Educate the local community, including churches, pastors, community groups and professional community about the Center ministry and the sanctity of human life, with goal of obtaining support and involvement with the ministry.
6. Attend all board meetings and retreats.
7. Develop and present monthly and annual reports summarizing the operation of the Center to the Board.
8. Assist the Board in recruitment on new members
9. Carry out each and every other duty, which may be prescribed from time to time by the Board.

To apply, please email your resume to pccseindiana@gmail.com. Someone will contact you.

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